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See PRESS RELEASE on National Council-DATIS partnership launch.

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Healthcare coverage expansion and parity intensify an already critical U.S. workforce challenge. There is an urgent need to support recruiting, training, and retaining the right talent. The National Council for Behavioral Health has intensified its commitment to ensuring service capacity through a partnership with DATIS, a human capital management software company for non-profit agencies. The partnership is designed to bring best practices in workforce management to our members, enhancing efficiency and accountability while promoting the ultimate goal of improving consumer outcomes.

DATIS provides position control, human resource, and payroll software-as-a-service for behavioral health and human services agencies. Their cloud-based software is a complete solution covering HR, position control, payroll, timekeeping, benefits administration, recruiting, talent, credential management and workforce analytics. Using cloud-based technology, DATIS allows large behavioral health organizations to manage all workforce administration needs — budgeting, planning, position control, recruiting, onboarding, credentialing and compliance management, payroll and benefits administration — through a single unified system. The system also provides the capability to obtain incisive workforce analytics and costing data for payers. DATIS offers easy 24/7access to workforce management portals through current technology and supports executive decision-making with easy-to-read dashboards. By using DATIS’ unified, cloud-based Human Capital Management software and payroll service, behavioral health organizations have

  • Become more compliant with regulatory, legislative, and payer requirements.
  • Avoided risk of wage and hour violations.
  • Transformed their HR department from manual and transactional to automated and strategic.
  • Reduced staffing expenses over a quarter million dollars.
  • Optimized delivery and administrative staffing to more effectively fulfill their mission.
  • Reduced recruiting cycles up to 50%.
  • Achieved average annual budget savings of 1% or cost avoidance in total personnel costs.
  • Eliminated $10,000-$100,000+ in payroll and benefit leakage.
  • Achieved an electronic, paperless workforce administrative process.


PositionControlIconPosition Control

Critical for non-profit behavioral health organizations, Position Control allows organizations to budget at the position level, independent of employees.




Improve the hiring process and streamline how you manage, develop, and acquire top talent.



TimeAttendanceIconTime And Attendance

Reduce labor costs, compliance risks, and increase worker productivity with a time and attendance management solution.




Track labor expense and simplify payroll processing with a unified, complete software-as-a-service solution.





Administer and alter employee benefits plans that are integrated with your organizations’s distinct requirements.



TalentIconTalent Management

Employee solutions that enhance engagement and help you align, assess, and plan your workforce.



WorkforceIconWorkforce Analytics

Monitor and analyze labor costs and productivity with a powerful business intelligence and reporting toolkit.

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