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Peer Specialist of the Year Award Recipients


Lisa FullerLisa Fuller, CRS
Berks Counseling Center (Reading, PA)

A peer counselor for 15+ years, Lisa provides housing and case management support for chemically dependent pregnant and parenting women, as well as their children, who are homeless. During her time at Berks Counseling Center, she touched hundreds of lives by going above and beyond for women and children, including driving them to treatment and AA meetings and responding in the middle of the night to their needs. Lisa is also an advocate, having joined National Council’s Hill Day event where she shared her inspirational story with members of Congress. Lisa is a primary example of how we can all make a difference when it comes to impacting people’s lives.




Bonnie GilmoreBonnie Gilmore
Rosecrance Health Network (Rockford, IL)

Bonnie is a recovery coach with 25 years of experience supporting individuals with serious mental health needs. As a person with lived experience, Bonnie shares her determination and spirit with thousands of other people living with mental health issues. At Rosecrance Health Network, Bonnie was the driving force of a “living room” program, which offers recovery education, resources and connections to support in a quiet, inviting space. Known for always putting a priority on social connections and inclusion, Bonnie is beloved as a colleague and mentor to others.





Lisa St. GeorgeLisa St. George, MSW, CPRP, CPSS
RI International (Phoenix, AZ)

Lisa is a seasoned and credentialed social work professional who has dedicated the past 38 years to serving vulnerable individuals, as well as dispelling the stigma around – and knocking down myths about – mental illness. She has spent the past 20 years at RI International and is the primary author of their peer employment training, which has been used internationally to train 14,000+ peer support specialists. Lisa is also a faculty member at Arizona State University, where she has taught about mental illness, recovery and social justice to master’s-level students. Leveraging her decades of experience, Lisa continues to make a powerful, positive impact in her community.

Innovation at Work Award Recipients


The Harris CenterThe Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD (Houston, TX)

Led by Wayne Young, The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD is a pioneer when it comes to using technology to connect mental health clinicians with law enforcement first responders at the time of 9-1-1 dispatch. Today, there are 200 Harris County sheriff deputies and constables using tablets with HIPAA-approved technology to connect with mental health partners and bring real time support for any 9-1-1 dispatch. Unlike other models, this virtual model enables greater extension and reach of mental health collaboration with law enforcement, increasing the safety of law enforcement officers, mental health professionals and community members, while decreasing and preventing unnecessary transports to hospitals and jails.




Mind Springs HealthMind Springs Health (Grand Junction, CO)

Covering 10 counties and 23,000 miles, Mind Springs Health provides comprehensive behavioral health care to individuals living on Colorado’s Western slope. Providing services to rural and frontier communities often requires creative solutions, especially when it comes to workforce shortages; thus, the phase-based care program known as Metricovery was developed. Dr. Jules Rosen, the organization’s chief medical officer, and Michelle Hoy, their therapist clinical leader, developed Metricovery to fully engage individuals in treatment in one week or less; quantify symptom severity at each “touch”; manage resource utilization according to client need; and create open access for all clients via weekly walk-in clinics, delivering a multi-disciplinary approach. Since its launch, Metricovery has served 400+ clients and reduced wait times and crisis services, while increasing favorable clinical outcomes for patients.

Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients


Susan BlueSusan Blue
Community Services Group (Mountville, PA)

Susan is the president and CEO of Community Services Group (CSG), a community-based intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) and mental health services provider serving 8,500+ individuals in Central and Northern Pennsylvania. Elected as chair of the National Council’s board of directors in 2015, Susan played an instrumental role in the merger between the National Council and the State Associations of Addiction Services (SAAS). As a leader in her community, Susan has expanded the capacity of CSG 10 times over since the 1980s, exponentially increasing the number of people they serve. She also created the Leadership Institute for Excellence program at CSG to emphasize a culture where staff are valued.




Ric DoucetRick Doucet, CEO
Community Reach Center (Westminster, CO)

Rick Doucet is the CEO of Community Reach Center and a clinician who believes in the need to treat the whole person, a belief that drives his life’s work. Rick goes above and beyond and is known for his open door policy for his organization and everyone in the community. He is also a tireless advocate of the National Council, supporting the organization during Hill Day and connecting and building relationships with local elected officials, law enforcements and educators – anyone that can make a difference. Rick’s vision for the future is that mental health, physical health, behavioral health and substance abuse issues all become “health care.”




Ron ManderscheidDr. Ron Manderscheid
National Association of County Behavioral Health and Developmental Disability Directors, National Association for Rural Mental Health (Washington, DC)

Dr. Ron Manderscheid is president and CEO of the National Association of County Behavioral Health and Developmental Disability Directors, as well as the National Association for Rural Mental Health. Ron is also an adjunct professor at the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University, as well as the School of Social Work at the University of Southern California. Additionally, he serves as co-chair of the Coalition for Whole Health. In short, Ron is everywhere and is always engaging in real, substantive ways to make a meaningful impact in his community.

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