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National Council Blog Guidelines

We are pleased that you will be drafting a blog. Here are a few guidelines and suggestions that will help you get started.



We recommend between 500 and 700 words.



The tone should be collegial and accessible. Avoid language that is too academic or “wonky.” Also, avoid using jargon or “insider” language. If you use abbreviations or acronyms, be sure to spell them out the first time.

Bullets and structures like “the top 7 things we learned” work well. Subheads can increase readability and help drive home your point.

There are many great examples on our blog—here are a few to help with tone. You will notice that we use many different authors so we don’t expect them to all read the same way, just that they are accessible and, hopefully, compelling.



Provide your name, title and organization name exactly as you would like them to appear on your byline.



Photos, videos, charts and graphs can all enhance the content of your blog and increase readability. Be sure that any graphics you supply are publication-ready.



Links to outside sources or information in your blog will lead your readers to more in-depth information. Please include the entire URL; we will link it.


Contact Information

Please let us know if you would like us to include your email or other information so that readers can contact you directly. We will not include this information without your expressed permission.


Social Media

We encourage you to invite people to follow you on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media to grow your network. Please provide your Twitter handle or hashtags so that we can share your article on social media.


Biography or Information about Your Organization

Please provide a brief (25 word) biography or description of your organization, if you wish. While we can’t publish lengthy profiles, we are happy to provide a link to your website.



We ask that you do not submit your blog to other organizations or publications. However, once it is posted, please feel free to provide other organizations with a link to your article on our website.


Editing Your Article

We reserve the right to make appropriate edits to your article before publication.


Comments on the Blog

It is the nature of blogs to inspire spirited exchange through comments. We monitor our blog for any offensive, inflammatory or inappropriate content; however, we encourage the free exchange of differing viewpoints.