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The monthly Ambassadors Brief provides updates to National Council Ambassadors on our legislative priorities, in-depth political analysis you won’t see elsewhere, and resources to become a more effective advocate.

This e-newsletter is exclusively available to National Council Ambassadors. Click here to join the Ambassador Network today.

Recent issues of the Ambassadors Brief:

  • April 2016: CARA Set for Votes in the House
  • February 2016: The President’s Budget is Dead, Long Live the President’s Budget
  • January 2016: Countdown to Election 2016: What to Expect from Congress in the Year Ahead
  • November 2015: Time to Take Action: These are the moments the Ambassador Network was made for!
  • October 2015: If Paul Ryan Takes the Speakers Gavel, Who Takes His Chairmanship?
  • August 2015: On the Shoulders of the Excellence in Mental Health Act, Comprehensive Mental Health Reform
  • July 2015: Three Numbers that Matter in Year Two of the Ambassador Network, and more
  • June 2015: Excellence Act Implementation Begins, and more
  • April 2015: Block Talk, Surviving NatCon15, and more
  • March 2015: What do Homeland Security and health care have in common, and more
  • February 2015: Love (and budget decisions) are in the air this February, and more
  • January 2015: When reconciliation is anything but happy, the GOP 2015 game plan, and more
  • December 2014: There’s a new sheriff in town, and his name is Mitch McConnell, and more
  • November 2014: What’s next for the ACA in the new Congress, and more
  • October 2014: What you should REALLY be watching this midterm season, and more
  • September 2014: Playing defense on the budget, and more
  • August 2014: Taking care of (legislative) business in Congress, and more
  • July 2014: Our take on the future of bipartisan compromise on the Hill, and more