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Significant changes lie ahead for the financing and accountability of community health care. Whether through insurance exchanges, co-ops, or expansion of Medicaid managed care, health care reform will drastically shift financing of uninsured populations to public-private partnerships that build upon commercial insurance products.

With these benefit eligibility and primary funding shifts will come greater customer choice in their health care decision-making.  In this increasingly competitive health market we are in, customers are demanding increased convenience, access, quality and service.  If a community health center can deliver this level of first class customer service, the customers will come.  If not, they will go down the street to the health care provider that can offer this level of excellence known as world class customer service.



MTM Services (MTM) has provided assessment, consultation and training support nationally for more than 20 years that has focused on how to have a health care delivery model that supports world class customer service as one the critically important cornerstones of a successful group practice.

In MTM’s work with health care providers, we have found that where there is an internal customer service challenge between staff members or departments/clinics, there is very little capacity for the staff to focus their attention on external customer service needs.

An important assessment gauge that MTM uses is to determine through onsite interviews with staff, customer focus groups, onsite visits to observe the lobby areas and use of mystery visitors what the primary focus area is for both internal and external customer service. Based on the outcomes of this in-depth assessment process, MTM develops an individualized full staff customer service training agenda.

Through both onsite and online consulting, MTM offers a wide range of consulting opportunities designed to help organizations create a customer service atmosphere by:

  • Exploring why excellent customer service is necessary and breaking down barriers to excellence
  • Moving your organization from a client focus to a customer focus
  • Creating a clean, safe and hospitable environment for staff and customers
  • Promoting a professional and consistent brand image to each customer
  • Facilitating customers’ requests and empowering consumers’ decisions
  • Implementing a Customer Service Action Team and Plan with Key Performance Indicators for each staff member that is incorporated into job descriptions and annual evaluations.



The Customer Is Always Right: Customer Service for Survival

Read the BH365 blog post by David Lloyd, Founder of MTM Services, on the importance of customer service.


View David Lloyd’s webinar, “Disney and Ritz Carlton Customer Service Tailored for Your Organization.”