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With continuing fiscal challenges and the dramatic payment and service delivery changes that health reform is ushering in, it’s more important than ever before for behavioral health organizations to turn service delivery data into actionable information that clinicians, administrators, and executives can use to make objective decisions. With SPQM, healthcare organizations can prove value to public and private payers by clearly and quantitatively demonstrating outcomes, quality and service improvements, and cost-efficiency gains. Plus, organizations achieve better health outcomes for persons with mental illness and addiction disorders.


The SPQM Services Suite is brought to you by MTM Services in partnership with the National Council for Behavioral Health. The SPQM team has implemented winning change concepts in 700+ community behavioral health organizations and in several statewide programs.

SPQM or Service Process Quality Management is a powerful analytical tool that arms decision-makers with the essential information to strategize for the future, effectively manage operations, develop continual improvement strategies, and demonstrate outcomes. SPQM

  • Supports data-informed decision making.
  • Measures performance outcomes and analyzes organizational practices.
  • Provides essential information to demonstrate program value.
  • Increases quality, accountability, compliance, and cost-efficiency of services.

SPQM reports offer a 360-degree view of how your clinics and programs are performing and allow instant drilldown capability for troubleshooting, problem-solving, and operational analysis.

Statewide SPQM initiatives in Colorado, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Arkansas have collected important data to impact public policy, funding, and public information on behavioral health, and have demonstrated that safety net behavioral health services are effective and essential.

The SPQM services suite also includes consulting on key operational efficiencies designed to improve service access and quality and maximize revenue — a few examples are listed below:

Leadership for Change

Today healthcare demands that you embrace disruption, weigh risk and opportunity when the fundamentals of your business may change overnight, and act fast. In this dynamic and chaotic environment, SPQM shows you how you can keep up by developing and implementing strategic action plans in 45-90 day cycles.

SPQM also offers best practices and strategies for executives to survive and thrive in today’s competitive, fast-changing healthcare milieu. It enhances leadership skills to help you manage change, improve your organization’s accountability, and gain an edge over the competition.

With new models of healthcare delivery emerging rapidly, your organization’s future can seem confusing. Should you become a health home, join an accountable care organization, bring primary care onsite, or forge new partnerships? SPQM helps you avoid the fad and chart a course based on your own realities. Our team can lead you to make data-driven decisions about adopting new models of care.


David Lloyd Concurrent Documentation DVDs
Learn all about the concurrent documentation model with the complete set of three DVDs, available on the National Council store. The DVDs feature review of concurrent documentation techniques, planning and implementation strategies, and case studies from organizations using the model.

How to Deliver Accountable Care
David Lloyd’s bestseller, How to Deliver Accountable Care, gives you the operational, management, and service delivery knowledge and tools you need to provide more consumer-centered, cost-effective, accessible and quality outcome-based services that meet internal and external accountability requirements. Scott Lloyd’s How to Deliver Accountable Care Workbook is a companion that helps you compare your organization’s service delivery system to the accountable care delivery concepts offered in David’s book and then establish and implement a strategic analysis and scenario pan to address your change needs. Order both now at the National Council store.

Using Data to Drive Your Service Delivery Strategies
Until behavioral health organizations can determine their actual data points for key information (e.g. cost per service), it is impossible for leaders to make accurate and worthwhile strategic quality-based changes to their current practice patterns. This book by Scott Lloyd focuses on seven strategic-based data measurement tools that shed light on performance issues and can be used to establish strategic indicators for appropriate direct staff productivity levels, cost per service delivered, proper caseload size for direct service staff, total service capacity, cost of your current intake process, and more. Order Using Data to Drive Your Service Delivery Strategies now at the National Council store.

Access Redesign Project Summary
Learn how 45 community behavioral health organizations
in three states cut patient wait times by more than half (53 percent), reduced staff time by 40 percent, and saved an average of $222,000 annually.

Mental Health and Substance Use Provider Readiness Assessment
Review 23 important competencies and strategies necessary to succeed in the new healthcare ecosystem. It points to how you can assess and redesign internal operations to better align with healthcare reform and demonstrate to patients, healthcare providers, and state policymakers that your organization is high-performing, quality-focused, and efficient.

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Collaborative Documentation Promotes Efficient Services for Children & Youth
Katherine Hirsch, March 21, 2012