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Organizational Excellence Track


Preconference University:
Thought Leader Session with Dr. Jeffrey Brenner, Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers:
  • Is it Really Possible to Lower Costs and Improve Quality?
  • 10 Years In: Same Day Access is Now the Expectation
  • Be the Nordstrom of Healthcare: Customer Service
  • Collaborative Documentation WILL Lower Risk
  • First Do No Harm: The Top 10 Guidelines for Risk Management
  • Improving Lives Through Payer/Provider Collaboration
  • Must Have Business Skills in an Ever Changing Health Environment
  • Protecting the Heart of Your Operation: Top Injuries and Controls for Behavioral Health Workers
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • What’s New in Housing Policy
Lunch and Learn:
  • Follow the Money and Grow with the Flow: Organizational Capacity Enhancements that are Critical for Competitive Federal Grant Success
  • Safe and Affordable Housing: The Key to Recovery and Resiliency
  • Same-Day Access Roundtable
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