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Chuck Ingoglia


Rebecca Farley


Nick Szubiak


Jeff Capobianco


Cheryl Sharp


Joan King


Karen Johnson


Pam Pietruszewski

National Council Staff Training & Implementation

Population Health Management

Adapting Clinical Workflow & Caseloads in Alignment with MCD cost-reimbursement

Expanding Clinical Services

Managing Clinical Relationship w/DCO

George DelGrosso Independent Consultant Market Rebranding

Communications with State Agencies, Associations, payers and providers

Association Dynamics; Community Partnerships

Adam Falcone

Susannah Vance Gopalan

Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell LLP Negotiating DCO Contracts

Managing Financial Arrangements with DCOs

Compliance Issues Under Cost-Based Reimbursement

HR Considerations

Scott Lloyd

David Lloyd

Michael Flora

MTM Services Collecting Cost Data

Strategy and Structure for Reporting Costs

Reporting the C-Suite

Expanding Clinical Services

Brent McGinty

Rachelle Glavin

Missouri Coalition Educating boards and staff in anticipation of change State Policy Change

Community Partnerships

Association Dynamics

Jeanne Supin Watauga Consulting Innovative clinical services

Population health management

Clinical quality & outcome measurement; supervision, management, and leadership necessary for success

Community/clinical needs assessments; readiness review

Communication (consumer/family; community partners; state/associations/payers/providers; community)

Educating and facilitating boards, risks, opportunities, necessary actions

Staff readiness education and engagement in changes

System, programmatic (clinical/administrative) change management planning & execution

C-suite and leadership preparation and execution

Staff training, engagement, and execution; Creating local data measurement systems that conform to universal, mandated performance metrics and expectations: clarifying and committing to mandated metrics, integrating into existing data management and quality management systems

Reporting and communication