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We get that you are expected to do more with less — and that includes training your staff to ensure their skills are up to snuff and your organization is above par.

The National Council’s strategic partner Relias Learning leads the behavioral health field in online education and training, enabling you to significantly impact your workforce, clients and organization.

Perhaps, you’ve seen an email or two. But it’s scary to take the plunge. We get it.

But what if you knew that Relias Learning had a 98 percent customer retention rate among National Council members?

It’s a one-stop for ensuring your staff and organization the right skills, accreditations, licensing and so much more.

But don’t listen to us. LISTEN TO YOUR COLLEAGUES:


“We have Relias, and I’ve been very happy with it… There is a huge library of relevant training modules, for human service staff of various levels. I’m an LCSW, so I also love that I can get a majority of my required continuing ed training on Relias. We also use Relias track our annual mandatory trainings, and with over 700 employees, that’s very useful. Relias also updates their trainings frequently, to include the newest information, like DSM-5, new psychotropic meds, etc.” – Tracy Samuelson


“We have just begun using Relias and so far are delighted with the programs. They offer so much training on so many topics. We have free CEs available to our nursing staff, which is a huge plus when discussing benefits with potential employees. We can also fine tune it to our specific needs. Today I will be watching training on the new ICD 10 codes. It’s a great program.” – Carmen Choumont


“We have use Relias for years and it is very helpful. One note is that we create courses to drive new initiatives and policies when appropriate, and use it then to verify that staff have been notified of critical policy changes and equational initiatives.” – Dean Babcock

“Through Relias we can make sure we get the same quality of training for all of our employees.” – Jim Marhold


“The array of offerings with the Relias program are just tremendous.” – Shirley Havenga

“We find the library very comprehensive for behavioral health, older adults, child welfare and intellectual disabilities. We have been using the system since 2005 and are very happy with it.” – Stephen Christian-Michaels

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