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CONNECTED is a two-year initiative that intends to reduce the impact of anxiety, depression and suicide among young people aged 10 to 24 in underserved communities, while also empowering youth to engage in meaningful community change.

With support from a private venture philanthropist, and in partnership with Change Matrix, Relias, Watauga Consulting and Youth MOVE National, the National Council for Mental Wellbeing launched this groundbreaking initiative to increase access and engagement in quality, appropriate care for culturally diverse, rural, LGBTQ+ and other youth populations that experience barriers to mental health supports. Recognizing that approaches are most effective when developed and implemented at the community level with involvement from those they intend to serve, CONNECTED supports new approaches for young people who may be experiencing these challenges across a wide range of settings.

CONNECTED is working to achieve its goals by engaging committed participants nationwide.

Five organizations are currently piloting leading-edge approaches and connecting young people in their diverse and underserved communities to new types of mental health supports. The pilots, who were selected from more than 250 applicants, are:

Mentor organizations from across the country will draw upon their experience to help pilot sites elevate their approaches through a supportive peer-to-peer learning community. The mentors selected for CONNECTED are:

Twenty passionate young people aged 16-24 connect directly with pilot organizations, mentors and throughout their community to use their voice and experience to champion youth engagement in mental wellness.

A comprehensive project evaluation, led by the Michigan Public Health Institute, will illuminate the driving factors that contribute to successful implementation and replication of effective approaches. Lessons learned and resources will be shared nationally in support of empowering communities to enact positive change.

For more information on the CONNECTED initiative, check out a recent blog post and press release.

Working together, we will reach our goal – helping healthy children grow up in healthy communities. Together our voices can make a difference.

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Teresa Halliday

CONNECTED Project Director

National Council for Mental Wellbeing

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