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Thousands attended NatCon16, and hundreds were present for one of the most highly-rated sessions, “Go Big or Go Home: CEOs Share Strategic Growth Strategies”. Building off the positive feedback on the session and requests for a more in-depth look at strategies for organizational growth and sustainability, the National Council is pleased to be partnering with Health Management Associates (HMA) to deliver a three-part webinar series where participants can learn directly from CEOs who have successfully gone BIG, developing impactful, financially robust organizations. After the series you will understand why scale and organizational capacity is critical in the world of integrated health care and how your organization as a behavioral health treatment organization is uniquely positioned to drive critical system change. Participate and:

  • Find out how to maximize the benefits and meet the challenges head-on.
  • Hear lessons-learned from their growth strategies, including:
    • mergers and acquisitions,
    • new geographic  markets,
    • expansion of evidence-based  practices,
    • development of health services,
    • creating cooperative agreements by partnering with non-traditional entities
  • Learn the common elements of organizational success, including how to scale and sustain it.
  • Position yourself in a value-based, managed care marketplace by providing high quality, comprehensive, coordinated care for a range of populations.
  • Walk away with concrete strategies you can successfully integrate and operationalize in your organization.

Part 1: Scale: Pathways to Organizational Impact and Sustainability

Date: June 13, 3:30-5:00pm ET

Speakers: Heidi Arthur, Health Management Associates; Carl Coyle, Liberty Resources; Robert Krumwied, Regional Mental Health Center (IN); Scott Rose, Way Station, Inc.; and Chris Shae, Cherry Health (MI).



Part 2: Growth Strategies: Grow Big, Grow Smart

  • Acquire growth strategies you can implement such as mergers and acquisitions, healthcare integration and geographic expansion!

Date: Tuesday, July 26, 2:30 -4:00pm ET

Speakers: Carl Coyle, Liberty Resources (NY); John Hamilton, Recovery Network of Programs (CT); Robert Krumwied, Regional Mental Health Center (IN); Scott Rose, Way Station, Inc. (MD); and Chris Shae, Cherry Health (MI). The webinar will be moderated by Heidi Arthur, Principal for HMA.



Part 3: Lessons from the Frontlines: CEOs share their experiences

  • Get the scoop from CEOs as they dish out their greatest successes, challenges encountered along the way, and the best change management strategies to ensure your organization comes out on top!

Date: Thursday, September 15, 2:30 -4:00pm ET