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Kristin Woodlock

Kristin Woodlock is a consultant at the National Council, and currently serves as CEO of Woodlock & Associates, a consulting firm for non-profits operating health and human service programs. Her experience includes delivery of direct care in hospitals, building and sustaining leadership teams, and executive operations and policy work for county governments, state governments and non-profit agencies.

Ms. Woodlock began her career as a registered nurse working in emergency medicine in Syracuse, NY. Following that, she was the Executive Deputy and Acting Commissioner of the New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH), where she oversaw the largest public mental health system in the United States and helped author The Children’s Plan. Ms. Woodlock was also a Crisis CEO for FEGS Health and Human Service, where she led FEGS through an executive leadership change, financial crisis and Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection. She has been recognized by peer and family organizations as a partner in the delivery of person-centered and family-driven services.