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The National Council is pleased to congratulate the inaugural class of the Mastering Back Office Management Learning Community! Please see below for a full list of our graduates.

  • Family & Children’s Place
  • CenterPointe
  • Community Psychiatric Clinic
  • Therapeutic Living for Families
  • Grand Prairie Services
  • Behavioral Healthcare Partners of Central Ohio, Inc.
  • Community Services Group
  • Momentum for Mental Health
  • Hill Country MHDD Centers
  • Community Mental Health Center for Mid-Eastern Iowa
  • A New Leaf Inc.
  • Mental Health Center of Denver
  • CHR Inc.
  • Santa Barbara County Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Services Department

The Learning Community has already gained recognition for its critical work. The Healthcare Finance News article, “Getting Paid in Behavioral Health,” describes the pressing need to ready back office management systems in behavioral health centers for the changing healthcare landscape. Mohini Venkatesh, Vice President of Practice Improvement, was featured in the article giving her take on the status of the field, “things will be particularly problematic for providers in 2014 with marketplaces opening and Medicaid expanding in some areas… It is a great opportunity to access payments from a new range of payers – it will just require a whole new business model than they have used in the past.”

Through this initiative, participating agencies created and implemented policies and systems that increased access to services, improved the quality of services they provided, and increased productivity to maximize their resources. Below are some examples of the great work they achieved!

  • Developed key performance indicators for clinic staff teams in dealing with clients. KPIs addressed multiple expectations regarding behavior and clinic environment in three major areas: professional dress and demeanor, greeting clients, and phone protocols.
  • Developed systems and policies for centralized scheduling and intake and 48 hour follow-up calls.
  • Decreased wait times for clients and informed clients at the time of service the cost of services and expectations for payment.
  • Created “denial process” through which denials data were reviewed on a monthly basis to identify trends, correct issues and communicate with programs involved.
  • Implemented Third Party Insurance processes and trained insurance billers dedicated to processing and adjudicating claims. This resulted in increased revenue and a reduction in bad debt.
  • Developed and piloted client satisfaction survey for Crisis Residential Programs.
  • Developed customer service lines to improve communication between financial intake staff and front desk staff.
  • Created and implemented authorization reports, self-pay policies, and systems for electronic verifications,.
  • Identified 47 key performance indicators and embedded indicators into staff performance evaluations and quality care monitoring reporting documentation.

We are not currently accepting applications for the Mastering Back Office Management Learning Community. For more information on participating in future cohorts, please contact Alanna Tievsky at