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The National Council Proudly Supports National Recovery Month

Recovery Month is more than just an observance. It’s an opportunity to deepen your awareness and understanding of recovery, and to celebrate the incredible gains made by so many.

In honor of Recovery Month, the National Council hosted our 2020 Recovery Month Luncheon on Tuesday, September 29. This event was free and virtual, delivered to your desktop.

This learning event included:

  • Special guest speakers offering insights into all things recovery.
  • Inspiring stories and shared experiences about the recovery journey.
  • A dialogue about the role of recovery in today’s climate.
  • High-octane entertainment in recognition of recovery.

Watch our video from the event!

The National Council thanks the organizations below in making this event possible.

Recovery Month Luncheon Planning Group



Thank You to Our Luncheon Sponsors




Recovery Month Resources

We are proud to recognize Recovery Month 2020. To help you do the same, take advantage of these resources during your Recovery Month celebration:

National Council Resources

Other Resources

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Social Media Messaging

To help you recognize Recovery Month, we created some sample messaging you can use:

Facebook Posts

  • This Recovery Month, we are proud to celebrate the 23 million people in recovery. #RecoveryMonth #BH365
  • Each day, 700,000+ people seek treatment for addiction – make today the first day of your recovery journey. #RecoveryMonth #BH365
  • Let your loved one know that recovery is within reach. Use these tips to start the conversation about their substance use: #RecoveryMonth #BH365
  • You may not always know what to say or do but supporting a family or friend in recovery can make all the difference. Learn how to help: #RecoveryMonth #BH365

Twitter Posts

  • September is National Recovery Month. Join us in celebrating and supporting individuals in recovery! #RecoveryMonth #BH365
  • Recovery is within reach. Celebrate the 23 million people who are in recovery from addiction. #RecoveryMonth #BH365
  • Treatment works. Recovery is possible. Find out how addiction recovery can improve your life, or the live of someone you love. #RecoveryMonth #BH365
  • Talking with a loved one about their substance use can be difficult. Here are a few tips for encouraging them to seek treatment: #RecoveryMonth #BH365