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Ready for a Double WHAM+MI?

One-third of the clients with mental health disorders who walk into your clinic every day also live with chronic physical diseases like diabetes, heart disease and obesity. If your workforce could benefit from new engagement strategies and evidence-based tools to help your clients claim the healthy future they deserve, the Double WHAM+MI bundled training package may be right for you.

This innovative package combines the life-changing potential of peer-led Whole Health Action Management (WHAM) with the proven outcomes of motivational interviewing (MI) for meaningful behavior change. Peer counselors are uniquely positioned to come alongside individuals in their wellness journey. With this Double WHAM+MI bundled training package, there’s no better time to support your peer workforce.

Schedule your training today. The Double WHAM+MI bundled training package is only available through the end of December 2020 and trainings must be completed by the end of September 2021. Scheduling a Double WHAM+MI bundled training saves you $2500 off the original price. Contact us to learn more.

About WHAM

Prepare your peer consultants to improve the health of your clients and counter the high incidence of chronic physical health conditions – such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity – among people living with behavioral health conditions with Whole Health Action Management (WHAM). This peer-led program promotes self-management to create and sustain new health behavior.

The WHAM program offers peer providers the materials, tools and ongoing technical assistance to implement the WHAM program at your organization and WHAM facilitators are linked to a national listserv to foster ongoing peer support, share tips and tools for success and provide new resources for peer services and integrated health.

Learn more about our WHAM consulting service.

Learning Objectives

During training, WHAM participants learn to:

  • Identify strengths and supports in 10 science-based whole health and resiliency factors.
  • Write a concise whole health goal and action plan based on person-centered planning.
  • Participate in peer support to create new health behaviors.
  • Prepare for basic whole health screenings.
  • Use shared decision-making skills and tools for better engagement with doctors.

About Motivational Interviewing (MI)

This evidence-based approach helps people living with mental illness, addictions and other chronic conditions make positive behavioral changes to support their overall health.

By creating a dialogue based on collaboration, participants will learn how to apply the four fundamental processes of MI — engaging, focusing, evoking and planning — and have an opportunity to practice with brief activities and demonstrations.

Learn more about our Motivational Interviewing consulting service.

Learning Objectives

During training, MI participants will:

  • Learn how to apply the four fundamental processes of MI through the “spirit” of motivational interviewing, using open-ended inquiry, reflections, affirmations and summaries.
  • Observe and practice how to listen for and evoke change talk.
  • Leave with practical ideas and plans for integrating MI into their daily work.