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Rebecca Farley

Director, Policy & Advocacy, National Council for Behavioral Health

National Council Launches Op-Ed Campaign to Build Support for Excellence in Mental Health Act

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The National Council this week launched a new campaign to raise the profile of the Excellence in Mental Health Act and build congressional support for its passage. Please participate by using this template to submit an op-ed to your local newspapers!

Media coverage is essential to our success because it raises the bill’s profile and highlights the broad support for it in legislators’ home districts.  This is especially true of local press and op-eds, which are influential with legislators and lay the groundwork for much of the advocacy we are doing on Capitol Hill. Our last op-ed campaign resulted in a number of letters from National Council members published in state and local press and was highly successful in focusing national attention on the Excellence Act.

To add your voice to the growing chorus in support of the Excellence Act, click here to download the template op-ed. Then, take a few moments to personalize it where indicated and submit it to your local papers. The National Council is happy to provide help identifying media contacts or reviewing and editing your op-ed. Contact Rebecca Farley at with questions.