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Rebecca Farley

Director, Policy & Advocacy, National Council for Behavioral Health

Congress Approves 1-Year Delay to ICD-10

April 3, 2014 | Uncategorized | Comments
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A little-noticed provision in the Medicare physician pay fix passed by Congress this week will delay for one year the implementation of ICD-10. Under the new rules, providers will not be required to adopt ICD-10 until October 1, 2015.

Previously, the move to the new coding system was set for this fall. Provider groups and hospitals have spent large sums preparing for the transition and training staff to use the new system, but some – particularly smaller organizations – were struggling to meet the upcoming 2014 deadline.

Now, the one-year delay leaves the healthcare field seeking clarification from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Provider organizations that would have been ready to adopt ICD-10 in October wonder whether they can voluntarily begin using ICD-10 before 2015. Some analysts have even raised the question of whether CMS might ditch ICD-10 altogether and wait for ICD-11, which will be issued in 2017.

Stay tuned to Capitol Connector for ICD-10 news and updates as they become available.