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Nancy Htay

Policy Intern

House Holds Hearing on ICD-10 Transition: Green Light for 2015

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Last week, the House of Representatives’ Energy and Commerce Committee held a hearing on implementation of ICD-10 and readiness to transition to the new code set for October 1, 2015. The general sentiment? Green light.

Panel witnesses included practitioners, advocacy groups and vendors, the majority of whom were in favor of starting ICD-10 by the proposed date of October 1, 2015. No lawmaker advocated a delay. While provider and payer readiness were cited as concerns, previous delays have caused counterproductive activity and high costs for providers.

Are you ready? Or ready to be ready? For resources to support your organization during this transition, explore the National Council’s Coding Behavioral Health Services page, or directly visit CMS’ ICD-10 transition resources.