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Rebecca Farley

Director, Policy & Advocacy, National Council for Behavioral Health

National Council Issues Resource Explaining Proposed Overtime Exemption Rules

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The National Council today released a slide deck to help employers understand the impact of new proposed rules that would extend overtime pay to 5 million previously ineligible workers. The proposed rule change, announced in June, would extend overtime pay exemption rules to include employees making up to $50,440 next year, more than double the current threshold.

The new resource, developed by National Journal Membership, provides details on:

  • Which employees may be exempt from overtime pay based on their duties;
  • The new salary thresholds for overtime pay;
  • An analysis of how inflation and changes in salary trends have eroded the overtime threshold since 1940;
  • An estimate of the number of employees who would be affected;
  • Estimates of the overtime proposal’s impact on workers and employers;
  • Potential reactions to the new rule by employers; and
  • Possible unintended consequences of the proposed rule change.

The proposed rule is currently open for public comments through September 4, 2015. The National Council welcomes hearing from our members about the potential impact of this proposal. Please contact Rebecca Farley at to share your feedback.