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Michael Petruzzelli

, National Council for Mental Wellbeing

#Fundthe24: A Grassroots Movement for Excellence Act Expansion

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Over the last two weeks, support for expanding the Excellence in Mental Health Act demonstration project has grown in communities and states across the country. This week, a national op-ed – signed by 23 state mental health and substance use associations – will be published in The Hill, calling for the full funding of planning grant states. With the year’s end approaching, there is a time-limited window for a possible expansion – and we need your help to seize this opportunity.

The Excellence in Mental Health Act represents the largest federal investment in mental health and addiction care in generations. In October, 24 states were selected for a planning grant under the Excellence Act—but unless Congress takes action to expand the Act, only 8 states will ultimately get to take advantage of this $1.1 billion infusion of funding into our behavioral health system. That’s why we need Congress to expand the demonstration to all 24 states.

If you live in one of the 24 planning states, please help us urge Congress to expand the Excellence Act. Taking action takes less than 5 minutes. Here’s how it works:

  1. Click here to send a message to your legislators.
  2. Share your advocacy on social media. Use the hashtag #Fundthe24. Here are some examples:
    1. For Twitter: 24 states received planning grants for #CCBHCs, but only 8 will participate in the demonstration. Today, we told Congress to #Fundthe24
    2. For Facebook: Right now, [enter state name] is one of 24 that are competing to participate in the Excellence in Mental Health Act demonstration program. But only 8 states will be selected in the end. Take Action today and tell Congress to #Fundthe24.  All states that want to transform consumers’ access to care through the Excellence Act should be able to do so. Share you message with Congress today!