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Michael Petruzzelli

, National Council for Mental Wellbeing

CCBHC’s Are Coming to NatCon16

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The Excellence in Mental Health Act and Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHC’s) are hot topics heading into 2016 and National Council Conference has all you need to know and more. Join us for NatCon16 in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 7-9 for hours of expert training and intensive workshops, helping to prepare you for success as a CCBHC. Register for NatCon16 today!

Highlighted sessions include:

  • CCBHC 101 — Do you know how to prepare for this transformation? Or are you wondering what exactly a Certified Community Behavioral Health Center is? Get the answers.
  • Getting Paid as a CCBHC: Cost Reporting Principles — CCBHCs revolutionize the way behavioral health organizations get paid through Medicaid. Learn the ins-and-outs of the Prospective Payment System model that will be used.
  • Becoming Best Friends: CCBHCs and Designated Collaborating Organizations — CCBHCs require partnerships with new kinds of entities (known as designated collaborating organizations) to ensure an array of care is in place. These aren’t the partnerships you’re used to. Find out how to navigate and maximize.
  • CCBHCs and FQHCs: Building Partnerships That Last — CCBHCs must partner with federally qualified health centers. Walk through how you should partner with health centers to expand your services.
  • Report Your High Quality — To improve health outcomes, states must look to quality reporting. Tread into the workflow and technology changes and health improvement measurements you need.
  • Don’t Miss Them: Veterans in CCBHCs — CCBHCs required culturally-competent military services. What does that look like? Are you prepared? Do you accept TRICare? Learn the answers to even those questions you don’t know to ask.
  • What Happens Next? Beyond the Two-Year Demo — What happens after the two-year demo ends, or if your state isn’t one of the eight picked for participation?

Want to take an even deeper dive? Get to Conference a day early and participate in our CCBHC Masters Class: Back Office Management. The day long Preconference University will get attendees ready to manage internal utilization management, credentialing, costing reporting and other processes.


Come to NatCon16 to get ready to change the game.