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Shelley Starkey

White House Releases More Details on National Drug Control Strategy

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The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), a component of the White House responsible for coordinating the nation’s response to drug-related issues such as the opioid overdose epidemic, released its Performance Reporting System last week, which established nine measurable goals and objectives meant to be achieved by 2022. The goals include reducing the number of drug overdose deaths, increasing prescriber education on best practices and clinical guidelines, and expanding access to evidence-based addiction treatment options.

The overarching goals that ONDCP will aim for over the next five years as described in the Performance Reporting System are:

  • Reducing the number of drug overdose deaths by 15 percent within 5 years.
  • Educating the public about drug use, with an emphasis on reducing illicit drug use among youth
  • Increasing access to evidence-based addiction treatment, including medication-assisted treatment, which is largely considered the gold standard for addiction treatment when used in concert with counseling.
  • Increasing mandatory prescriber education and continuing training on best practices and current clinical guidelines.
  • Reducing nationwide opioid prescriptions by increasing education on and adherence to prescribing practices for pain management.
  • Increasing Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) usage across the country, and working to allow PDMPs to better communicate with one another.
  • Reducing the availability of illicit drugs in the country by preventing their production in Colombia and Mexico specifically, by disrupting their supply chains on the internet, through the mail, and across borders, and by increasing their price and decreasing purity.

“We have set out to achieve an aggressive set of specific objectives, and accomplish our overarching goal, which is to save more Americans from losing their lives to drug use,” said ONDCP Director James Carroll.

ONDCP has not yet provided details on the activities it will undertake to reach these goals, and critics of the plan note that the goals laid out in this plan are too easy to achieve and not aggressive enough to truly address the scope of this crisis. Read the full details on the Performance Reporting System here and stay tuned to Capitol Connector each week for updates on the Administration’s response to the opioid overdose epidemic.