CCBHC Crisis Learning Community

This page is for CCBHCs who are participating in the 2024 CCBHC Crisis Learning Community to access all learning community materials.

The purpose of the Crisis Learning Community is to bring together CCBHC-E grantees interested in learning how to understand and best meet the full range of requirements for providing a continuum of crisis services in their communities, including needs assessment, partnering, care traffic control and crisis best practices, as well as the core services of call center connection, mobile crisis and crisis walk-in and stabilization. This Learning Community consists of monthly, 90-minute learning sessions that run from January-August 2024.

Participants will learn:

  • To understand the 6 elements of meeting CCBHC Criteria for crisis services.
  • To understand the importance of a crisis system community needs assessment.
  • To identify key crisis system partners and be able to work with them on crisis system development.
  • To become familiar with successful strategies for call center linkage, mobile crisis team implementation and provision of crisis stabilization.
  • To understand how to design crisis services for diverse age groups and populations, including for SUD.
  • To become familiar with best practices for including peers in the provision of crisis services.

Session Materials

Recordings and slides from monthly sessions will be uploaded to this page within 48 hours after each session. We will also continue to add links to relevant resources and information.

Session 1: CCBHC Crisis Services 101 – Part I & II
Session 2: CCBHC Crisis Services 101 – Parts III & IV
Session 3: CCBHCs as Crisis System Partners and Leaders in Their Communities
Session 4: CCBHCs, 911/988 Call Centers and Care Traffic Control
Session 5: Engaging Peers in Providing the Full Continuum of CCBHC Crisis Services
Session 6: Providing a Continuum of CCBHC Crisis Services for Children

Crisis Services and Crisis Systems Series On-demand Recordings