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In an effort to support our members, we have sent out a number of emails this week to help National Council advocate for a potential allocation of HHS provider relief funds that would be targeted for Medicaid behavioral health providers.  We have gathered the below frequerntly asked questions regarding this process.

Is this spam?


Why is National Council asking for my banking information?

The National Council is collecting member information via a secure National Council form in an effort to proactively provide information to HHS in hopes it will help ensure our members are better positioned to directly receive Medicaid Provider Relief Funds. The National Council has modeled their approach on the successes experienced by skilled-nursing facilities, whose national association collected the same member information that is in the secure National Council form and sent that to HHS resulting in $4.9bn of direct payments to providers.

The National Council cannot guarantee financial disbursements, but through this action they are trying to provide a clear path for similar payments to be made from HHS directly to behavioral healthcare providers.

Is the National Council form secure?

Yes. Open Water is a secure platform where all accounts are password protected and stored on their private servers and all the data is encrypted. They also have another level of security as they have firewalls implemented on their networks. Below is a link which explains their security in detail.

National Council is basing the ask on collecting the same points of provider information they believe helped the skilled nursing facilities receive Medicaid provider relief payments directly from HHS, including bank account information.

That said, the National Council does recognize there will be concern about providing banking numbers from some providers. But we want to reassure members we are collecting the information via a secure form to share with HHS. National Council will not be keeping the information.

What if I don’t fill out the banking fields?

Unfortunately, without the banking information, HHS would not know where to deposit the provider relief funds. That said, there is no indication one way or another that this would preclude an organization for applying for funds through a different mechanism (yet to be determined) in the future.

Questions about the information fields:

Total Revenue = Gross Revenue


Total Medicaid Revenue = from ALL sources of Medicaid revenue (including non-healthcare Medicaid revenue/MCO revenue/waiver revenue etc).


What if a member has more than one TIN?

  • Are the multiple TIN numbers associated with multiple parts of the organization that bill Medicaid as separate entities?
  • An organization should use their best judgment in submitting the TIN number that would be considered the primary TIN number for the organization(s).
  • If this is not enough information, please share more specifics with the National Council and we can help you decide what course of action to take.

I made an error in my submission and I need to adjust the information – what do I do?

Please resubmit your correct information via a new secure National Council form, and using the notes field at the bottom of the form indication that this is the updated and correct submission.

Is this the same HHS CARES Act Provider Relief funding that I received (or did not receive) because our organization billed (or did not bill) Medicare in 2018-2019?

No. There are currently two different Provider Relief Fund related requests happening simultaneously:


  1. The request of members to submit their information via the National Council secure form by May 29, is to help National Council advocate for a potential, different allocation of HHS provider relief funds that would be targeted for Medicaid behavioral health providers.


  1. The HHS action providers need to take by June 3 is to access to the second distribution ($20bn) of the existing $50bn in Provider Relief Funds that are based on Medicare billing in 2018-2019.  Providers must have received a first allocation in April, and may have received a second allocation already, but this process is also serving as an application for additional funding from that stream.