Streamlining The Behavioral Health Intake Process: How An Online Screening

This presentation will illustrate how an innovative web-based solution improved the behavioral health intake process and access to community resources with Monterey County Behavioral Health (MCBH). MCBH had two substantial problems: the percentage of residents facing behavioral health challenges was over twice the national average, and there was an insufficient number of behavioral health providers to respond to the needs of the community.

To solve these problems, MCBH teamed up with the California Mental Health Services Authority, CredibleMind, and UC Berkeley to create and evaluate WellScreen Monterey, a digital platform designed to enhance access to local mental health services and improve the efficiency of screening, referral and self-care.

Attend this event to learn how the Wellscreen Program increased access of behavioral health resources by over 200%, engaging vulnerable populations (youth, those with higher acuity needs, etc.), improving the efficiency of referrals and lowering costs.

People attending this webinar will learn about the following objectives, and outcomes, from the Monterey County, CA “Improving Access and Streamlining Behavioral Health Intake Process” Case Study, and how to:

  • Identify early signs of mental health challenges
  • Promote behavioral health self-care and reduce stigma associated with seeking care
  • Triage access to appropriate levels of care and support
  • Engage youth and raise awareness of youth-specific behavioral health resources and services
  • Learn what types of resources are useful for community members
  • Collect and analyze data to improve county-wide mental health programs and policies