Childhood Trauma: COVID-19 & Beyond

The on-going COVID-19 pandemic has taken an immense toll on entire school communities including School-Based Health Centers, mental health and substance use providers, educators, staff, students, and families. In collaboration with the National Council for Mental Wellbeing, the Weitzman Institute will kick off a Childhood Trauma ECHO series with a webinar. This webinar will acknowledge updates from the integrated care field and explore trauma and its impact on youth, families, schools, and providers to assist participants with putting plans into motion to leverage today’s resources. During this session, we will launch an opportunity to participate in the Weitzman ECHO Childhood Trauma series, aimed at peer-to-peer learning to enhance the understanding of childhood trauma among integrated care providers.

This webinar and Childhood Trauma ECHO series will be hosted by our partner, the Weitzman Institute. Join us on Tuesday, October 5 from 1-2pm ET for the Childhood Trauma webinar and consider signing up for the 22-session interactive ECHO series launching on Friday, October 8th from 12-1pm ET to join the learning community if you’re ready to take a deeper dive and contribute to smaller-group discussion! The extended ECHO series will consist of brief didactic presentations on key issues followed by real patient cases with actionable recommendations.