CoE Office Hour: Supporting the Wellbeing of LGBTQ+ Clients and Staff: Intersectional and Affirming Strategies

Due to historic marginalization and discrimination, LGBTQ+ individuals face health disparities and challenges in accessing inclusive healthcare. Individuals who identify as LGBTQ+ are more likely to report chronic physical health conditions, as well as experience mental health and substance use challenges at higher rates. It is important to provide equitable mental health and recovery services to persons who identify as LGBTQ+ and foster engaging environments for staff where they feel connected and understood. Staff and providers must understand and affirm a wide array of other identities that also overlap for LGBTQ+ individuals and populations, including those who also identify as Black, Indigenous and persons of color (BIPOC), persons with disabilities, persons who primarily speak languages other than English, and other identities.

Join us on Tuesday, October 19th from 2-3pm ET for a conversation with health equity and racial justice experts to hear about systemic challenges LGBTQ+ persons with intersecting identities face in healthcare and as staff in healthcare organizations. Experts will also discuss strategies to provide affirming supports for clients and staff who identify as LGBTQ+ in addition to their  intersecting identities.