Equity in Action: Empowering Youth – Navigating Global Conflicts through Culturally Responsive Integrated Care

With the world’s continued focus on global conflict and humanitarian crises, integrated care support for youth in schools can help address the recent rises in identity-based prejudice and bullying. Join us as we tackle these concerns on Wednesday, Jan. 17, 1-2 p.m. ET, in a conversation on providing culturally responsive integrated care that contributes positively to health outcomes of students of all backgrounds.

Our expert panelists will share their perspectives and ideas for providing trauma-informed and culturally responsive integrated care as well as addressing topics such as religious-, ethnicity- and culturally based prejudices, biases and bullying that impact the overall health of youth within schools and our communities. Additionally, we will explore practical strategies for creating safe and inclusive environments that address the specific needs of diverse youth while fostering empathy, tackling stereotypes and encouraging mutual understanding and respect among all individuals.

This session will provide an opportunity for school-based integrated health staff, educators and other community leaders to engage in an open and constructive dialogue.

Center of Excellence for Integrated Health Solutions

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