Financial Focus: Insights into Accounts Receivable and Denial Management

Monday, October 21, 3-3:50 p.m. ET

Denied claims and aging accounts receivable (A/R)—they’re some of the most common problems plaguing behavioral health organizations today. So, how we do we get around them? Clean claim submission is integral to healthy revenue cycles and prompt revenue collection; claims requiring multiple touches impede productivity and unnecessarily increase days in A/R. By improving your claim-submission processes to decrease A/R days and future denials, and by benchmarking your organization to behavioral health A/R and denial standards, you can create KPIs for denial management and A/R that increases your organization’s cash flow. During this 50-minute webinar, we’ll teach you how to decrease denials and shorten A/R days in your organization, leading to improved efficiencies and increased success.