Session 2 – Understanding Your Baseline CCBHC Program

Session 2 of the Financial Management and Sustainability Learning and Action Series will provide a deeper dive into understanding how the suite of services you offer today as a behavioral health provider align with the CCBHC program and how to allocate services as CCBHC or non-CCBHC. We will discuss how to identify baseline (current) services and allocate between CCBHC and non-CCBHC programs and tools that can support allocation efforts. Various financial and operating systems that support the financial performance of the CCBHC program and the required data elements and reporting formats will be reviewed. The session will begin with review and discussion of assignments from session one and end with a new assignment to allocate baseline costs and services to the CCBHC program.

Learning objectives:

  • Define baseline services and allocation between CCBHC and non-CCBHC services and activities.
  • Identify techniques to allocating baseline costs between CCBHC and non-CCBHC programs/services.
  • Review the data capture and reporting requirements for CCBHC sustainability and understand potential modifications to existing systems.