Session #2 Housing Partners: Partner Priorities, Needs and Resources

Housing needs are one of the largest challenges facing people served in Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs), and local housing providers are often unaware of the support opportunities available to their residents within the CCBHCs in their communities. The CCBHC-E NTTAC (National Training and Technical Assistance Center) is partnering with the Corporation of Supportive Housing (CSH) to host 4 sessions educating CCBHC (Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics) grantees about the information needed to build a quality and sustainable partnership between CCBHCs and the housing sector.     

Session 2 will introduce CCBHCs to local housing partners such as Housing Authorities and State Housing Finance agencies, and state and local housing departments.  The audience will learn the priorities and structures of these entities and how to approach each to develop long-lasting partnerships strategically.