How Incorporating Digital Behavioral Health Can Quickly Extend Access and Effectively Meet CCBHC Requirements

Brie Reimann, MPA Assistant Vice President, Practice Improvement & Consulting at the National Council, will provide an overview of the current state of CCBHC’s in America; Noble Shaver Jr. and Nancy Blackshare with FCC Behavioral Health in Missouri and Communications Specialist, Kaitlynn Wilkinson with NorthCare in Oklahoma will discuss their work and results of implementing digital behavioral health programs into their CCBHCs; and Chuck Tepper, VP of Public Partnerships at Livongo for Behavioral Health by myStrength, will discuss how myStrength’s evidence-based digital platform can effectively support CCBHC requirements.

Join this session to hear:

  • The power of digital interventions to extend mental health support beyond the four walls of a treatment center — available whenever and wherever people need it
  • How a full spectrum of mental health programs addresses clinical diagnoses such as depression, chronic pain, nicotine, bipolar disorder, and trauma — and provides content that addresses specific life challenges such as the impact of COVID-19, racial discrimination, and chronic conditions on mental health
  • Examples of the impact of these evidence-based programs on costs and care