Equity in Action: Working Towards Health Equity with Wellbeing and Self-compassion In Mind

Join us Thursday, Dec. 14, 12-1 p.m. ET, for an Equity in Action session to explore strategies for supporting wellbeing and self-compassion for you and your staff.

Global crises continue to impact the health and wellbeing of many people. General physical health, mental health and substance use treatment needs are on the increase. So are health care workforce shortages.

Under these conditions, you and your staff may find it exceptionally difficult to maintain your overall wellbeing, compassion and self-compassion. However, you are in a unique position: You can use trauma-informed care approaches to enhance the resilience of your organization, your clients and yourself.

This webinar will highlight self-compassion strategies for integrated health providers in light of increasing workforce demands and the stresses of the holiday season.

Center of Excellence for Integrated Health Solutions

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