Major Update of SPQM Tool Can Help You Manage Cost and Measure Effectiveness

Today’s behavioral health providers know all too well that services can be viewed by payers and funders as merely a product with a price tag. Meanwhile, providers struggle to maintain a handle on costs while delivering quality services every day. The good news is that with reliable data, providers can do it with confidence – measure the effectiveness of management and clinical practices, identify meaningful opportunities to improve the delivery of care and demonstrate valuable outcomes to public and private payers. MTM Services is in the midst of finalizing a major update of its state-of-the-art analytical and management support tool – Service Process Quality Management ™ (SPQM ™). With SPQM as the technology backbone, MTM works with providers to turn data into insights that support management team action. Join the National Council and MTM to learn more about leveraging data to demonstrate the value of care, improve clinical outcomes and embrace systems learning. Scott Lloyd, president of MTM, previews the enhanced capabilities of SPQM and Mike Garrett, CEO of Horizons Mental Health Center in Kansas and MTM consultant, discusses his experience utilizing SPQM at his organization and as part of a statewide collaborative of 26 organizations.