Oral Health and Behavioral Health: Rationale for Increased Coordination and Integration

Oral health and behavioral health are closely tied together. Uncoordinated oral and behavioral health care and lack of access to care can drastically exacerbate health disparities, increase health care costs, and result in poor overall health outcomes for those most at-risk. Join us on Wednesday, July 22nd at 2:00pm ET to learn more about the relationship between oral health and behavioral health, including mental health and substance use disorders. During this webinar, we will not only discuss insights from an individual who experienced major improvements in overall health after her oral health issues were addressed through behavioral health treatment, but we will also discuss insights from the University of Michigan, which has developed leading-edge programs and courses that help to closer integrate oral and behavioral healthcare. This webinar will also present a sample integration framework that can be used by providers and other stakeholders interested in advancing more coordinated and integrated care across the oral and behavioral health systems.