Session One – Navigating Ethics and Boundaries

This session will provide a nuanced dive into the ethics and boundaries that support the effective provision of peer support services. Through facilitated dialogue, breakout rooms, and scenario work, participants will be given the opportunity to practice navigating ethical situations. We’ll also explore ethics and boundaries through a tiered approach and discuss how equity and justice are ethical principles themselves.

This is session one of the Peer Support Specialist Skill Development Series. The CCBHC-E NTTAC has partnered with the Peer Recovery Center of Excellence to provide this skill development series for Peer Specialists. The series will delve into hot topics in the field of peer recovery support services including crisis response, cultural competency, harm reduction and multiple other person-centered approaches to mental health and substance use recovery. Participants will walk away with enhanced skills in peer-to-peer services and will be better equipped to support the recovery of individuals with mental health and substance use challenges within their community. Register for the series today!