CoE-IHS Webinar: Perinatal Health Part 2: Perinatal Behavioral Health Care in a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC)

Join us on Thursday, May 12 from 2-3 p.m. ET as the Center of Excellence for Integrated Health Solutions (CoE-IHS) launches the second in a four-part webinar series discussing the importance of integration within behavioral health settings.

Pregnant and postpartum people in the U.S. are significantly and increasingly vulnerable to mental health and substance use challenges. Due to systemic inequities, for people of colo, the risk is even greater.

Integrated models of care offer a more comprehensive approach to providing individuals and families with the continuum of care they need, addressing the unique needs of those in the perinatal period. This webinar series will highlight exemplary models that target high-need settings and communities.

In this webinar, Perinatal Health Part 2: Integrating Services for Pregnant and Postpartum People in High Need Settings, you will learn more about the needs and opportunities for integration within behavioral health settings and high need settings. You will hear insights from Care Plus and take a deeper look at their comprehensive approach to integration.

Center of Excellence for Integrated Health Solutions

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