Same Day Access – See More Clients, Meet CCBHC Requirements Without Increasing Staff

How do CCBHCs not only meet, but exceed, SAMHSA’s access requirements and get more people into care more quickly using fewer staff to complete the work? The answer is simple: Same Day Access (SDA).

Many providers — both CCBHCs and those that recognize more timely access to service is where the field is going — are moving to SDA. Hear from Kathy Hagen, Chief Clinical Officer at Comprehensive Life Resources, a CCBHC in Tacoma, WA, on her experience implementing SDA and the results they have achieved. Scott Lloyd, President of MTM Services, will also share insights on the steps necessary to effectively implement SDA.

This webinar will:

  • Explain how SDA eliminates assessment delays and no-shows while improving consumer satisfaction and meeting CCBHC access requirements.
  • Share insights on how to implement SDA and overcome potential challenges.
  • Review the benefits of implementing SDA, including the financial return on investment.