Start With Hope… but Don’t Stop There: Conversations on Black Recovery

As the country continues to battle the overdose epidemic, there has been an increased acceptance and understanding of the value of lived experience and the benefit of peer recovery support services in addressing this crisis. Yet, lost in this conversation, are the unique experiences and recovery journeys of Black people. As overdoses within the Black community continue to increase, it is critically important that we better understand the tools and resources necessary to fully support Black people on their recovery journeys.  

This two-part interactive moderated panel discussion series will take a broad look at what recovery and recovery supports look like for Black people in the context of trauma and racism in the US, how the drug war and historical mistreatment of Black communities’ shape perceptions of recovery and envision an optimal future state of equity and diverse leadership in recovery.  

For part one of this series, taking place on Tuesday, June 18, 3:30-5 p.m. ET, we will be joined by panelists:  

  • Annie Powell, Founder and CEO of One World Recovery Network 
  • Nyla Christian, Executive Director of Center for African American Recovery Development 
  • Phil Rutherford, Strategy Lead of Substance Use at National Council for Mental Wellbeing 

Through the facilitated discussion, panelists will: 

  • Explore the current and historical context of the Black peer recovery movement 
  • Examine interactions between trauma/racism and recovery  
  • Discuss the language of Black recovery 
  • Envision a more equitable future of Black peer recovery support 

This webinar will also be accompanied by office hours on Monday, June 24, 3-4 p.m. ET for further opportunities for follow-up dialogue as well as live technical assistance related to the topics of the webinar. Register in advance