Structural & Systemic Biases Webinar Recording – SJLA Learning Series May 2022

Featured Speaker

Featured Presenter: Dr. Portia Newman, Chartis Just Health Collective

This webinar will center around the topic of bias, discrimination, and stigma at the personal, organizational, and community levels. We will discuss how conscious and unconscious biases shape our daily thoughts and actions, and how bias paired with power creates social injustices.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how to identify and name our own biases to examine how they shape our views and actions.
  • Ask questions about the impact of our personal biases:
    • How does this bias affect me?
    • How does this bias impact others?
    • Do I benefit from my personal biases?
    • Understand your role in perpetuating bias, and how personal biases can in turn shape biases on the organizational and community levels.

The Social Justice Leadership Academy