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Success in the C-Suite: Top 10 Leadership Traits for New Execs


Success in the C-Suite: Top 10 Leadership Traits for New Execs

Sunday, May 4 from 9 am to 5 pm

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David Lloyd, Founder of MTM Services, shares his 47+ years of management and leadership experience in community healthcare in this preconference university focused on the top 10 leadership traits needed for new executives in this era of healthcare reform. His insights will help you learn how to make bold and creative decisions to lead an organization invested in transforming service delivery processes and methods. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about the leadership performance, behaviors, aptitude and attitude needed to support making “tough” decisions in an era of change and sticking with the decisions in the face of challenges. This university supports the beginning of a new, more empowered approach to managing leadership requirements and is helpful to new CEOs and other C-Suite executives.

Specific focus areas include: examining delegation models that support priority setting and time management to enhanced empowerment of all managers, using objective-based data measurement tools to support minimizing the leadership decision-making “risks,” identifying typical leadership styles that might be more effective in a group behavioral healthcare practice service delivery model, integrating equally authority and responsibility in day-to-day management duties, and developing a clinic-wide coaching and mentoring plan to help staff meet performance standards.

In addition, you’ll examine written coaching logs that support the performance evaluation process, supervision, and coaching methods that address inappropriate behavior or attitudes, meeting management guidelines and more objective decision-making process, and change management models for rapid cycle implementation of required changes.

David Lloyd, Founder, MTM Services

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