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Social Work Graduate Education

To support the development of a quality behavioral health workforce, the National Council partners with the University of Southern California School of Social Work. Ranked among the top schools of social work, USC is the first prestigious research university to offer an accredited Master of Social Work degree on the web, with classes held virtually and traditional internships available in local agency settings. This program offers behavioral health professionals access to one of the best MSW programs in the country, no matter where they live and work.

National Council member organizations can leverage this exceptional workforce development initiative by encouraging staff to apply for the MSW@USC program — scholarships ($2,500) are available and there is no application fee. Request information about MSW@USC today or call 1.877.700.4MSW (4679).

National Council members can also serve as field placement sites to train MSW students from USC who live in your community through the USC National Field Education Network. These free internship opportunities can bring new talent and perspectives to your workplace and help you nurture the workforce of the future.

How the Web-based MSW Program Works

The web-based MSW@USC program features classes held live in virtual classrooms and hands-on field internships in students’ own communities so they can get a graduate education — built on real-world experience — without relocating.

MSW@USC students can choose from study concentrations taught by world-renowned faculty:

  • Community Organization, Planning and Administration (COPA)
  • Families and Children
  • Health
  • Mental Health
  • Social Work and Business in a Global Society

Specialized coursework in military social work — the first program of its kind provided by a research university in the U.S. — enhances any of these areas.

The 60-unit MSW@USC program can be completed in less than two years, full-time or, for exceptional students with a BSW degree, in less than one year with the advanced standing program. Part-time 3- and 4-year options are also available.

Quick Facts

How the Field Education Network Works

Field education remains at the heart of social work education. While the MSW@USC utilizes advancements in technology to reach students in the far corners of the nation, the value of the degree is on the strength of traditional field internships.

During the course of completing the MSW@USC program, students across the country will spend a minimum of 16-20 hours a week in select social service agencies, government entities, schools, hospitals or businesses near where they live and work. These placement sites provide an experienced social worker to supervise students as they take part in hands-on learning experiences relevant to their emerging skills.

Your organization has the opportunity to help shape the next generation of social work leaders by becoming a part of the MSW@USC national network of field placement agencies. The benefits of participation include:

  • Partnering with a prestigious research university
  • Working with an accredited MSW program
  • Gaining access to high-quality students to augment your services
  • Teaching talented social workers to work in your community
  • Hiring MSW graduates from a top-ranked school

The MSW@USC program continuously seeks quality field placement sites in both urban and rural settings in locations across the country. The USC School of Social Work invites social service agencies, government entities, schools, hospitals and businesses to join our national field education network and help us educate the next generation of social work leaders in your local community.

How to become an MSW@USC Field Education Site

How to become an MSW@USC Field Instructor

If you’re ready to join the field education network, download the Agency/Field Instructor forms. Fax completed forms to 213.289.4967, or email them to

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