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For 20 years, Middle Management Academy (MMA) has been the gold standard in leadership training. We’ve helped the best and brightest reach their maximum leadership potential through hands-on, in-person learning.

Now, you can get platinum standard leadership training without leaving your home or office – the best of MMA fully reimagined for an engaging virtual learning experience. The new MMA training will retain its best practice curricula PLUS new and innovative content to ensure the virtual experience has the same affirming, energizing and community impact.

The updated curriculum and revised format ensures participants are engaged in an interactive virtual environment, while staying true to MMA’s original learning objectives:

  • Learn, explore and apply qualities of great supervision and management to improve employee engagement and successful performance.
  • Build management confidence through self and group reflection, discussion and learning.
  • Improve management competence through exercises and reflection.
  • Engage with others for team building and/or peer affirmation and support.

Virtual MMA attendees will meet for 5-hour live sessions once a week for four weeks. To enrich the live experience, training will include weekly assignments, individual and group work and community building activities.

Now, you can apply the motivational and communication skills that have already helped hundreds of rising stars improve productivity, shape organizational excellence and fulfill their potential as influential front-line leaders – virtually.

Download the MMA course description to learn more.

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MMA Summer Series

The MMA Summer Series is free and designed to provide quick tools and resources for managers, supervisors and team leaders on how to effectively lead during a public health crisis. The series will have three topic areas: Day-to-Day Supervision; Stress, Chaos, Self-care and Wellness; and Strengths-based Leadership.

Within each topic area, there will be between one and three parts that include videos, slide decks and resources that provide guidance. There will also be a live session with our MMA trainers, Jeanne Supin and Josh Reese, that includes discussion, reflection and real-life examples to supplement what is learned through the resources provided. You can sign up for all or pick and choose the sessions that interest you most. Register below.

Topic Areas

Day-to-Day Supervision

Stress, Chaos, Self-Care, and Wellness

Strengths-Based Leadership

Can’t attend an upcoming training? Contact us to find out how you can bring this training to your agency.


This program is approved by the National Association of Social Workers #886760166-3149.