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National Council webinars present experts on key mental health and addictions topics, followed by meaningful Q&A with webinar participants.

Webinars are offered in the following tracks:

  • Addiction Disorders
  • Clinical Practice Improvement
  • Workforce Development
  • Compliance
  • Integration
  • Health Reform & Other Delivery/Payment System Changes
  • Trauma-informed Behavioral Health
  • Health IT & Treatment Technologies

The National Council does not offer continuing education credits or certificates of attendance for webinars. 

A recording and the PowerPoint will be be posted within 48 hours AFTER the event.

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COVID-19 Office Hours – Health Equity and COVID-19; Addressing the Disproportionate Impact

Although no one is immune to this pandemic, why do we see such a disproportionate impact in many ethnically and racially diverse communities? Not only are we seeing these disparities in morbidity and mortality, we are also seeing these same communities experiencing an unequal share of the economic burden of COVID-19. Join us this Thursday, June 4th from 3:00-4:00pm ET to discuss this question and more with a panel of health equity experts. We want to hear from you about your ideas, strategies, and solutions to combating the disproportionate impact.

Implementing Best Practices and Improving Collaboration for Crisis Care and Suicide Prevention among High-Risk SMVF

With COVID-19 striking our crisis and public health systems, providers have been having increasing difficulty addressing the level of mental health needs caused by this life-changing virus. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA’s) Service Members, Veterans, and their Families (SMVF) Technical Assistance (TA) Center welcomes you to join a webinar focused on the core elements of the SMVF Crisis Intercept Map. The process of intercept mapping helps community stakeholders to visualize gaps, recognize opportunities, and strengthen coordination across local agencies and organizations. Screening for SMVF status and suicide risk early can change the trajectory of overload on our emergency response systems by increasing access to upstream support and diverting hospital emergency department visits to alternate care.

Enhanced Primary Care Models for Integration

Curious to learn more about enhancing integration for patients with co-morbidities or serious mental illness in primary care? Join the Center of Excellence for Integrated Health Solutions to discover various enhanced primary care models that can be tailored in your approach to improve care to those in need.

How to Integrate Medication-Assisted Treatment within the Healthcare Delivery System

Medication can enhance recovery and prevent overdose when it is coupled with other behavioral health interventions that focus on substance use disorders and addiction. Join the Center of Excellence for Integrated Health Solutions to discover what medication-assisted treatment is, identify when to implement it, and how to successfully integrate it into recovery care plans.