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National Council webinars present experts on key mental health and addictions topics, followed by meaningful Q&A with webinar participants.

Webinars are offered in the following tracks:

  • Addiction Disorders
  • Clinical Practice Improvement
  • Workforce Development
  • Compliance
  • Integration
  • Health Reform & Other Delivery/Payment System Changes
  • Trauma-informed Behavioral Health
  • Health IT & Treatment Technologies

The National Council does not offer continuing education credits or certificates of attendance for webinars. 

A recording and the PowerPoint will be be posted within 48 hours AFTER the event.

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Emotional Dimensions of Health Care: A Prescription for Better Health

Date: Wed.,  Feb. 28, 1 p.m. ET

In a time when life expectancy is going up in many countries, a strange phenomenon is happening in America. Despite better access to health care and new technologies, our life expectancy has gone down as people are sicker more often and dying sooner. As a nation, we spend more and get less than most developed countries. Why?

David Woodlock, CEO of the Institute for Community Living, Inc., proposes that we have long neglected the emotional dimensions of health. Adverse childhood experiences and toxic stress across the lifespan have been profoundly underestimated as drivers of chronic disease progression.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn just how pervasive toxic stress is and review the concept of a “continuum of emotional distress.”
  2. Learn the biology of toxic stress and what it does to your body.
  3. Identify how the urge to feel better drives behavior that may seem health promoting, but is in fact illness promoting.
  4. Identify modalities to reverse illness-promoting behavior, and
  5. Identify new opportunities for behavioral health providers to create value propositions in health care reform.

Trauma-Sensitive Schools Learning Community Informational Webinar

Date: Wed.,  Feb. 28, 3 p.m. ET

Are you ready to take a year-long journey to create a healthier school with a trauma-sensitive approach? Join schools from across the country to learn more about the National Council’s Trauma-Sensitive Schools Learning Community. Find out how it works, expectations and commitments and how this one-of-a-kind opportunity can benefit your school, district and students. Incorporating a trauma- sensitive approach in your school reduces the impact of trauma and toxic stress and builds resilience in your students. Register for the webinar to learn how you can join the trauma-sensitive school’s movement and realize the student and staff outcomes you are wanting to achieve.

Watch this page for topics, dates, and registration. Go to our Webinar Archive for recordings and PowerPoint presentations from past National Council LIVE webinars.

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The National Council does not offer continuing education credits or certificates of attendance for webinars.

Attendance is limited to the first 1,000 people that join. So please sign in early to ensure your seat for the live event. A free audio recording and Powerpoint will be available after the live event concludes.

How Do I Participate in National Council LIVE Webinars?

Registration is required for each webinar. Upon registering, you will receive email confirmation with webinar access information. Please register using the email of the person who will attend the webinar as the access information is unique and cannot be shared or forwarded. If multiple persons from your organization plan to attend the webinar from different computers, each person must register separately.

At the time of the webinar, you will need Internet access to view the presentation on your computer monitor and listen to the presenters through your computer speakers. We recommend that you log in at least 15 minutes prior to event time. You may also dial into a phone line to access the audio. During the presentation, you can send in questions for the speaker using the dialog box on the right of your webinar window.

Download the Attendee Quick Reference Guide to keep handy.

A recording and the PowerPoint will be be posted within 48 hours AFTER the event.

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