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National Council webinars present experts on key mental health and addictions topics, followed by meaningful Q&A with webinar participants.

Webinars are offered in the following tracks:

  • Addiction Disorders
  • Clinical Practice Improvement
  • Workforce Development
  • Compliance
  • Integration
  • Health Reform & Other Delivery/Payment System Changes
  • Trauma-informed Behavioral Health
  • Health IT & Treatment Technologies

The National Council does not offer continuing education credits or certificates of attendance for webinars. 

A recording and the PowerPoint will be posted within 48 hours AFTER the event.

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Addressing Diversity, Equity and Engagement in Organizational Structures

Research shows that African Americans, Latinos and other historically marginalized communities, continue to face disproportionate challenges within organizational processes and practices, from hiring practices, to supervision and evaluation. These processes have been proven to be impacted by the systemic inequity within the policies themselves, as well as the individual bias of application. Often these biases, rooted in systemic racism, can impact prejudicial behaviors, such as microaggressions and inequitable decision making related to staff of color causing trauma and moral injury.

Please join us for our webinar, Addressing Implicit Bias in Organizational Structures, on Wednesday, October 21st , from 2:00pm – 3:00pm ET as we explore implicit bias, moral injury and what organizations can do to create safe, secure and equitable environments for all staff to reduce trauma, avoid re-traumatization and build resiliency.

Addressing Insomnia in Health Centers: Getting Real About What Impacts Our Patients’ Sleep

Is sleep a vital sign? What is Coronasomnia? How do you see sleep impacting the patients you serve? You are invited to join a conversation hosted by the Primary Care Development Corporation (PCDC) on Tuesday, October 27th, 2020 from 1:00-2:00pm ET by speaking up during this “townhall style” interactive listening session focused on the state of sleep. Featuring a panel of expert clinicians from health centers across the country sharing experience, guidance and discussing your concerns – do not miss this opportunity to connect with other healthcare providers and consider how sleep reflects complex interactions of medical, social, and behavioral needs that are especially relevant to integrated care.

This interactive listening session is offered by the Primary Care Development Corporation (PCDC) and the SAMHSA Center of Excellence for Integrated Health Solutions.

Making the Case for High-functioning, Team-Based Care in the Community Behavioral Health Care Setting

Team based care is an essential element of all integrated care settings. Research suggests that team-based care not only improves patient outcomes like improved symptoms, quality of life and satisfaction, but it can also reduce burnout and improve staff capacity and experience, which in turn reduces medical errors and gaps in service. Widespread adoption of team-base care could reasonably address current challenges facing providers while responding to the demands of emerging value-based payment models – especially those that incentivize integrated care delivery.

Join the Center of Excellence for Integrated Health Solutions on Wednesday, October 28th, from 1-2 p.m. ET for our webinar, Making the Case for High-functioning, Team-Based Care in the Community Behavioral Health Care Setting. Not only will this webinar describe barriers and opportunities for implementing Team-Based Care in behavioral health settings, but it will also launch the new MDI Team-Based Care paper and describe the paper’s purpose and utility. This webinar will also promote the launch of a new ECHO Learning Collaborative focused on Team-Based Care.

CoE Office Hours: Addressing Implicit Bias in Organizational Structures