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innovaTel Telepsychiatry: The CCBHC Solution

Now that clinics across the country are eligible to apply for CCBHC Expansion grants, this creates an exciting opportunity for organizations to increase access to care. Leaders are looking for ways to ensure that their organizations are able to meet the standards outlined to achieve this certification.

This webinar will explore how telepsychiatry can be used as an innovative workforce development solution to help you achieve your CCBHC goals specific to patient access and psychiatric rehabilitation.

MDI: Leadership Styles and Emotional Intelligence

The skills that go into effectively leading people are distinct and separate from the skills that go into managing tasks. While many physicians are good at

MTM Services – So You think You’re Doing Same Day Access…

Organizations that don’t provide Same Day Access (SDA) lose clients who drop out of care when they have to wait. They lose clinician time due to no-shows. And they lose the opportunity for revenue. Those are losses you can’t afford. Join this webinar to learn how to effectively implement Same Day Access.

Integration in Practice: A Closer Look at the Physical Health Integration Model

Curious to know how the Physical Health Integration Framework in Behavioral Health fits into your healthcare setting? Join the Center of Excellence for Integrated Health Solutions to discover how it applies to your organization through a discussion breaking down the components with the framework’s engineers and experts.

MTM Services – Do You Trust Your Data?

Data quality is a priority – and a pain point – for every organization. Good data guides your decision-making and benefits every part of your organization – clinical operations, staffing, financial performance and, of course, meeting data reporting requirements. Whether you are considering applying for the new SAMHSA CCBHC Expansion Grant funding, or just thinking about how to make your data work better, this is the webinar for you.

Peer Support: State Credentials, Continuing Education, and Recruiting/Retention Strategies with Amy Spagnolo and Rita Cronise

In this webinar, Rutgers faculty members Amy Spagnolo and Rita Cronise talk about peer support services both in behavioral health and peer-run organizations, funding sources, and how funding has determined the differences in peer certification in each of the 50 states.

In addition to certification, they describe using requirements for continuing education as rungs on a academic career ladder either toward a first career or in career advancement. Two fully online programs were highlighted in the program: (1) an Undergraduate Certificate in Peer Support that provides support for local placement in a work related practicum that is supported by supervision and course faculty, and (2) a Masters in Health Care Management with a focus on Behavioral Health that is an ideal program for those seeking to become qualified as supervisors of peer support specialists. Finally, strategies for recruitment and retention of peer support specialists were discussed.

Rutgers the State University – Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Counseling Professions Peer Support: State Credentials, Continuing Education, and Retention/Recruitment Strategies

Are you an employer of peer support providers interested in recruitment and retention of the peer support workforce? Are you interested in advancing your peer support skills? Join us for this webinar that details the national “state-of-the states” on peer support certification and recruitment/retention strategies for behavioral health care organizations.

Screening for Alcohol Use with SBIRT: Facilitators and Barriers to Implementation

Join this webinar from the HRSA Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health Technical Assistance (COE for BHTA) to learn about Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) for early intervention and treatment of people with alcohol use disorder or at risk for developing alcohol use disorder. Presenters will describe the SBIRT practice, share solutions for common barriers to SBIRT implementation, and discuss their experience using SBIRT in a clinical setting.

RELIAS – The Future of CCBHCs: Opportunities for Expansion and Lessons Learned from the Field

Based on early successes of the CCBHC program, Congress has acted 5 times to extend the demonstration and has allowed $450 million to date for CCHBC expansion grants. Meanwhile, states are exploring opportunities to implement the CCBHC initiative via Medicaid waivers or State Plan Amendments. In this environment, what does the future look like for the program—and how can clinics seize the opportunity to leverage CCBHC status and funding to enhance staff training and clinical operations?

Primary Care Development Corporation (PCDC) Capital Financing 101 for Behavioral Health Agencies

Behavioral Health agencies often look to expand and integrate their services to meet the demands of their community. This webinar will review capital options available for agency leadership, including innovative alternatives to traditional mortgage or construction lending. It will also discuss how to prepare your agency for using third-party financing, review prudent use of leverage, the role of the Board when considering capital sourcing, and options available to expedite the process.

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