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Alexandra Plante

Senior Advisor, Substance Use Disorder in the Strategy and Growth Office, National Council for Mental Wellbeing

Alexandra Plante is a Senior Advisor of Substance Use Disorder in the Strategy and Growth Office of the National Council for Mental Wellbeing. Alexandra is a recipient of a Fulbright Specialist Award in Substance Use Disorder, leads the national Substance Use Interest Group and volunteers her time with the Maine Recovery Advocacy Project.

She has served as a consultant to U.S. federal agencies and state policymakers, international agencies such as the United Nations Office of Drug Control and Crime (UNODC), and private entities such as Google. Her writing has been featured in outlets such as Harvard Health Publications, Scientific American and Psychology Today. She holds a M.A. in Quantitative Research in Communications, and previously served as a Director at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School – Recovery Research Institute and DynamiCare Health.

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