David Lloyd

Founder, MTM Services

One of behavioral health’s foremost management pundits renowned for his “We can do this” style of consulting, MTM Services founder David Lloyd’s expertise is built on 45+ years of experience in private for-profit and community behavioral health settings. A prolific speaker and author, Lloyd’s expertise in turning data into actionable information is evident in the results he has helped organizations achieve.
Lloyd served as a member of the board of directors of a community behavioral health organization and then joined the staff as assistant area director for operations. Later as assistant area director for program services, he enhanced billable hour service capacity of the organization by 66%, which resulted in an 87% decrease in access to care waiting times.
He went on to adapt his experience to lead more than 700 community behavioral health organizations in the U.S., Canada, and Netherlands through change management and accountable care delivery. He specializes in supporting leadership development within community behavioral health organizations to prepare for integration, health reform, and other environmental and system changes. He has also served as faculty for several National Council for Mental Wellbeing leadership programs for C-suite executives.