Lisa Dominisse

Lisa Dominisse, MBA, CTACC

President and CEO, Radiant Health
Marion, IN

Lisa Dominisse is President and CEO of Radiant Health and a dynamic and
passionate leader with a wealth of executive experience in government, non-profit
and for-profit entities. She is deeply committed to community service and making a
positive impact on the world.

As President/CEO of Grant Blackford Mental Health, Inc. (GBMH), Lisa leads a community
mental health center that provides a full spectrum of mental health and family-focused
services from cradle to grave. She has served as CEO of Family Service Society, Inc. and
Director of Economic Development and Senior Partner at the Human Capital Initiative.
Lisa’s work in rural development as the Director of Rural Development for the State
of Nebraska under former Governor Mike Johanns, as well as her role as the Director
of Program Services for the Department of Economic Development (DED), have also
contributed to her vast executive experience.

Lisa’s background in leadership has given her a deep knowledge of cultural dynamics and
the importance of creating intentional cultures within companies and communities. She
believes that by removing barriers and fostering an inclusive environment, individuals
can thrive and achieve great success. Her commitment to community service and
empowering individuals is reflected in her work as a certified coach through the Coach
Training Alliance and her certification in the Social and Emotional Intelligence Profile
assessment and Conflict Dynamics.

Lisa holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln,
graduated from the Economic Development Institute at the University of Oklahoma,
and earned an MBA from Bellevue University.