Ruth Modaffari

Ruth Modaffari

Contract Compliance Manager, Finger Lakes Community Health

The first step towards patient satisfaction and care is taking the time to care, and that is what Ruth Modaffari aims to provide. Her professional experience as a manager has allowed her to assist thousands of patients in improving their access to health care, state and federally funded Programs.

Ruth brought dedication and positive results to the patient populations she’s worked with. Her passion for her field of work drives success and inspires her. Ruth specialize in contract compliance and health care access to immigrant/ migrant and agricultural worker populations.

In addition to 13 years of experience in rural health care at Finger Lakes Community Health, Ruth has also spoken on as well as advised at the federal and state level for agricultural and incarcerated populations, including how to access and maintain coverage while working with these populations. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how to work with underserved populations and how to provide the best access to them, or just discuss more, feel free to contact Ruth by email at

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