Susan Briner, MD

Former Medical Director, Center for Youth Wellness

Susan Briner, MD, has chosen to work with underserved populations. Dr. Briner has long believed that helping mothers breastfeed successfully ensuring all children are protected from vaccine-preventable disease, and helping parents nurture the emotional wellbeing of their children are the “bread-and-butter” of pediatrics. In response to profound changes in health care during the past thirty years, she has become focused on improving systems and processes which may interfere with the delivery of high-quality patient-centered care and has taken on medical leadership roles with that goal in mind. In her roles as Medical Director for Center for Youth Wellness (CYW) and Bayview Child Health Center (BCHC), Dr. Briner will apply her recent experience as Medical Director for a community health center in Dallas, where she supervises pediatricians, behavioral and mental health professionals, internists, obstetricians, and Family Practice physicians in an integrated primary care medical home. Helping others succeed including the children, youth, and families served by CYW and BCHC, and the dedicated staff of both organizations is Dr. Briner’s highest aspiration. She joins the CYW/BCHC team with eager anticipation of the work ahead, as CYW strives to improve the health of children and adolescents exposed to Adverse Childhood Experiences.